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To Tree, or Not To Tree?
Introduces an alternative to using pedigree type trees to display genealogical data.
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FamilyHero™ Overview

FamilyHero is a new type of genealogy tool used alongside your existing tree editor such as FamilySearch, Legacy, or RootsMagic. FamilyHero will help you identify and understand errors in your family tree. It will also help you organize your research efforts to fill the gaps in your tree and focus on areas where you have the most success. With the unprecedented viewer technology, that displays collateral lines and complex relationships, you can discover what your pedigree has been hiding.

FamilyHero supports both FamilySearch family tree as well as GEDCOM files from other tools or web sites. FamilyHero will help you:

  • Find the parts of your tree to work on next and focus on the easiest areas to research.
  • Find the areas of your tree that are missing people, events, and sources.
  • Find errors and potential problems in your tree and give you the information needed to fix them.
  • Untangle those loops and incorrect relationships that create confusing dead-ends in your tree.
  • Uncover exciting research opportunities.
  • Enable you to finally understand what your complete family tree really looks like.
  • View the relationship between any 2 people in your tree.
  • Make it easier to understand how to merge new and existing data into your family tree.
  • And much more!

FamilyHero is the only tool that provides a flat graphical view of your complete family tree that is not based on a pedigree chart.

Download the Trial

Install FamilyHero alongside your tree editor software and get started today! You can download the trial version of FamilyHero now. Click here to get started.

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FamilySearch Certified

Certified for FamilySearch family tree.

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