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To Tree, or Not To Tree?
Introduces an alternative to using pedigree type trees to display genealogical data.
FAQ: What operating system is supported?
Describes the platform requirements to run FamilyHero™.
FAQ: Is the software free?
Explains the cost.
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Welcome to MuddyHeroes

MuddyHeroes is now offering software geared towards users seeking to understand their family history database. Are you ready to rediscover your family history?

Featured Product - BrowseHero

         BrowseHero Video Preview


3/27/2013 - BrowseHero wins 1st Place in Find Category.

BrowseHero is the 1st place winner in the Find category of the RootsTech 2013 Developer Challenge. BrowseHero will help users perform tree-cleaning tasks and organize research opportunities in your FamilySearch family tree.

3/13/2013 - Enter BrowseHero™ !!!

MuddyHeroes introduces BrowseHero™ the latest technology innovation to help genealogist discover what their pedigree has been hiding. Browsehero™ utilizes the newly released FamilySearch Family Tree Pilot API. Click here for details.


3/13/2013 - FamilyHero™ re-certified for the FamilySearch Family Tree Pilot API!

FamilyHero™ has been certified to use the newly released FamilySearch Family Tree Pilot API. FamilyHero™ now reads the latest data from the FamilySearch Family Tree web site. Click here for details.


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